Why Is Uplighting Important?

A bride and groom kiss on on the dance floor of their reception with guests around them.

When you picture your wedding day - what do you see around you? Centerpieces on the tables, friends laughing on the dance floor, or maybe couples lining up at your PhotoBooth to take photos for your guest book. It can be easy to imagine the big picture items of your wedding and the details that everyone asks about. Your flowers, the cake, the activities for your guests...but what about the ambience and atmosphere!

So, picture this moment again - what do you picture happening with the lighting? Are the lights dimmed, with your wedding colors dancing along the walls? Is there a beautiful golden halo around your wedding cake as it towers in beauty? Is it well-lit and bright with bright colors dancing all around the venue? Or is it just...dark?

Lighting is most often a forgotten element of planning your wedding day! Some venues have integrated lighting in their reception space or dance floors, while others simply have ceiling lights that they are able to dim as the evening progresses. Talk to your venue to learn what is available to you, and if you find you need (or want - it is your big day after all!) our talented team or lighting professionals are happy to help you bring these moments to your day and create an atmosphere like no other!

From left, a cake, a centerpiece, and a reception space all showing different uplighting colors.

A reception space with white columns, white tables and white chairs with alternating purple and blue uplighting on the columns