The Average Cost of Wedding Floral

One of the biggest mysteries of planning out your wedding budget can be your wedding floral. This is because there can be so many different variables that can make it hard to nail down such as how many guests you have, how big your wedding party is, what season your wedding is in, which flowers are your must-haves and simply whether or not you want to go "all-out"! While you will certainly get a better idea of all of these things once you talk with your florist and get a quote, we understand the desire to have some ballpark ranges in mind before you begin - so we are here to help! 

According to a study that conducted in 2021, the average amount a couple spent on their wedding floral was $2,300. However, the average that we see from our Bellagala clients here in Minnesota ranges from about $2,500-$4,000.

Please keep in mind that although weddings are back in order after COVID, some of the services are still affected by it, floral being one of them. Floral prices have inflated by 30% since the last couple years. We have many wonderful florists that will help you stay within your budget and direction to produce your floral vision.

Now, let's break down where these costs can come from. As a reminder, these are averages and pricing will depend on many of the factors listed above.

Bridal Bouquet $250 - $300
Bridesmaid Bouquet $150 per bouquet
Wrist Corsage $40 per corsage
$30 per boutonnière
Ceremony Arch Decor $700 - $1000
Smaller Centerpieces for Guest Tables $50 - $150 per table
Statement Centerpieces for Guest Tables $250 - $300 per table
Statement Centerpieces for Head Table $250 - $500 per arrangement
Garlands $20 - $50 per foot
Other Delivery, Set-up and Pick Up Costs $1000

Other items you may want to consider when determining your must-haves can include: arrangements for the entryway, altar, aisle, cocktail tables, escort card table, bar, food station, cake table, flower girl petals, a tossing bouquet, cake florals and more. Or maybe you've always envisioned a floral crown for your bridal look or your getaway car donned with a gorgeous floral garland.

Now, don't panic! If these numbers are adding up quicker than you'd like, there are always ways to work with and reduce your floral budget. Here are a few variables and things to consider:

  • Nail down what are you must-have items such as bouquets and boutonnières for your bridal party, and where you are able to wiggle a bit, for example, on your ceremony and reception arrangements. 
  • Repurpose arrangements as much as possible! Move your ceremony arch garland to your head table or display your bridesmaids bouquets throughout the reception venue.
  • When it comes to centerpieces, a smaller guest count equals less tables to decorate. Or consider supplementing your centerpieces with other non-floral decor such as candles, lanterns or whimsical books.
  • Keep an open mind when discussing your ideas with your florist. They may be able to suggest some alternatives that can save you money in the end. Trust that they are experts in their field and want to help you fulfill your vision with your budget! 

When it comes to the flowers for your wedding, there are no rules. You can be as modest or extravagant as you please but we hope that this gave you a good starting point when it comes to your planning!

Contact us to get started on your floral dreams today!