8 Tips For Working With a Live Musician For Your Wedding

live musician

Whether it be a solo violinist playing during your ceremony, or a full band during your reception - live music can add an extra element of entertainment during your wedding. During your reception & cocktail hour, live music creates a very elegant and timeless vibe. Transitioning into your reception, a band will create a concert-like feel for your guests, getting them engaged in a completely different way. Seriously, it’s like having a private concert for you and your closest friends/family! So fun!

Your guests will rave about the added touch, and tell you for years how much fun they had at your wedding. Live music can give you & your guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it’s important to talk through all the details with your musicians. Here are our favorite tips for working with your live musician for your wedding!  

wedding band

1. Fill out your event details

When working with Bellagala, we ask that you fill out an event details form before the big day. By filling this out, you are giving your musician(s) a peek into your wedding day, and providing them with key information so they know how to serve you best. From your event details form they will also gather information about what you’re looking for in your live music experience. 

2. Talk through your ceremony

If you are hiring a live musician for your ceremony, it’ll be important to talk through all of your ceremony details with them. Talk through the order of events for your ceremony, when you need music played, & your processional/recessional music. It’s also very helpful to go over your processional order so that your musician knows exactly which songs are supposed to be played when. 

wedding band

3. Share your traditions

If you have any special cultural or religious traditions that will take place while your musician(s) is there, be sure to talk through those details with them. Once they know about the tradition, they can work with you to talk through traditional music or find a song you’d like played during that time. 

4. Think through amplification needs

Depending on the instrument/musical group, the musician(s) might need amplification needs. Go over these details with your musician(s) & venue to create a plan for the wedding day. After all, you’ll want everyone to be able to hear the beautiful music they’re playing! 

wedding band

5. Communicate your wedding vibes

Telling your musician(s) the overall feel you’re wanting for the wedding will help them immensely! Depending on your intended vibe, your musician(s) may play different songs. For example, if you’re wanting a very romantic feel, your musician(s) will play more love songs during cocktail hour & slow songs during the reception. However, if you’re hoping for a party vibe, they’ll play upbeat songs that guests can dance & sing along to. 

6. Think through the breaks

Live music is so much fun, but the key is that they’re live. The musician(s) will need time to transition to different spaces and will need to take breaks in between sets. If you are having live music for every part of your event, be sure to think about what will play while your musician(s) transitions from the ceremony to cocktail hour space, and then again from the cocktail hour to reception space. Additionally, if you are having a live band during your reception you’ll need to consider what will be played during the longer breaks they’ll take in between sets.  Another thing to consider for your reception is having a designated person to emcee moments like the grand entrance, toasts, or bouquet toss. Your band will be busy playing fantastic music, so it’ll help them out if you have a separate person to do those other announcements!

live musician

7. Confirm all spaces

One thing you can do to help your musician(s)/band is talking about what they will need for each space during your event. Make sure they’ll have shade if your ceremony is outside, and that they have a private space to break/eat some dinner if they’re playing during your reception. Trust us - your musician(s) will thank you if you do this! 

8. Any Questions? Ask your musician(s)! 

The last tip we have for you to create a pleasant working relationship with your wedding musician(s) is to ask them questions. Ask them if there's anything you can do to help make their job easier, or what other details they may need from you. Asking simple questions like this shows that you care about your musician(s) and that you genuinely want to help them achieve their best results. Setting up an open environment like this for your wedding musician(s) will encourage them to thrive, and allow everyone to have the best time on the wedding day! Is there anything better than that? 

If you're looking for a live musician or band for your wedding, Bellagala has curated a team of the best with styles to meet every taste! Contact us today to learn more about our availability, pricing, and artists.