5 Reception Tips from a Wedding DJ

While the ceremony is arguably the most important part of your wedding day (the reason we’re all gathered here today) but let’s talk about where you’re going to be spending most of your time, money, and energy… the reception! There is nothing worse than looking out on the dance floor and just seeing a few awkward cousins side-stepping to the hits of the 90's. We chatted with our DJ Manager and party-starting-extraordinaire Mike, to get some tips on how to make your dance floor packed and your reception unforgettable!

A bride is dancing with guests at her wedding reception.

1. Don’t be Afraid of Slow Songs

Despite what most middle school dances led you to believe, slow songs get people on the dance floor! It is a chance for all of the couples to enjoy a moment together, and for you both to get a break from the craziness of the day. Maybe Aunt Sandy won’t be up for the Cha Cha Slide, but she would be willing to put on those dancing shoes for a little Frank Sinatra.

A bride and groom are pictured dancing with twinkling lights on the edge of the photo

2. You Can’t Go Wrong with JT

While it doesn’t necessarily have to be the beats of Justin Timberlake, although highly recommended, a sure-fire way to get the crowd going after a bit of a lull is to play the favorites! You and your fiancé may have specific taste in music, and some don’t like the radio hits played nonstop, but a few (maybe slightly cheesy) songs can get the party going and get your guests dancing. If all else fails, a little Don’t Stop Believin’ always brings everyone together.

Three bridesmaids in red dresses dance during a reception.

3. Break Up the Night with Some Games

Again, another slightly cheesy move, but it works! Give your guests’ feet a break from dancing and have your DJ facilitate a game for everyone. Some crowd favorites we’ve come by are the shoe game, trivia, and even the dollar dance. This can get some of the kids, or people who aren’t comfortable dancing involved in the reception festivities.

A bride and groom are sitting down while holding a gold flipflop in the air

4. Kids are the Ultimate Ice Breakers

When the night is just starting out, sometimes people can be a bit hesitant to be the first on the dance floor. You know who doesn’t care about that? Kids! If you have a few kiddos at your reception, play some songs that they will know (a little Let it Go anyone?) to get the dancing started.

Kids hold onto each other going around a dance floor in a line

5. Make Sure You Have a Wedding DJ

Not all DJs are created equal. DJing at a prom or a local club is a completely different game than playing at a wedding. At Bellagala, all of our DJs are specifically wedding trained, so they know how to keep the night as seamless and fun as possible for you and your guests. Because as we know by now, it takes a lot more than pushing play to keep a party going

A DJ is behind his equipment at a wedding reception